Alvin Greene Dances, Shows Few Improvements During Radio Interview (VIDEO)

South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene showed some new moves during a radio interview in Charlotte, North Carolina, Monday, though few of them appeared likely to be politically helpful to the long-shot candidate's lagging campaign. That's because they were dance moves, if you can call them that, and, although entertaining, they stand out as the highlight in an otherwise minimally productive exchange.

After being whisked up from his home in Manning, South Carolina and taken, via limousine, to Charlotte -- a journey that cost $575 round trip, according to the Charlotte Observer -- Greene sat down with WBT-AM's Keith Larson, who, despite it being the Senate hopeful's 33rd birthday, grilled him with some difficult questions.

Greene was as evasive as ever when asked about his pending felony pornography indictment.

"There's a process for it," Greene said. "It's overdue. It should have been dealt with."

Asked about the veracity of the charges, Greene again dodged, telling Larson, "that's all I have to say about it."

Despite the lack of new answers on Greene's legal troubles, the Senate seeker did give a little insight into his obscure political ideology, explaining that he was pro-choice, but opposed to same-sex marriage and against the overturn of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Greene initial analysis of cap-and-trade legislation was that it had "too many restraints," but he was only able to give this answer after Larson explained the nature of the proposed energy plan. The Observer also reports that Greene appeared to be stumped by a question on birthright citizenship and the 14th Amendment.

With Greene giving little else in terms of meaningful clarification, the interview's highlight then seemed to come when Larson played a viral video hit called "Alvin Greene is On the Scene," which produced an interesting dance session from the surprise Senate candidate.

Watch Alvin Greene dance during a radio appearance on Charlotte's WBT-AM (1110):