'Always Be My Maybe' Bloopers Will Always Be Hilarious

The rom-com gag reel might be as funny as the movie itself.


A blooper reel for the Netflix rom-com “Always Be My Maybe,” starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, was posted to YouTube on Tuesday. The laughter in it is completely contagious.

From the handle popping off Wong’s soup ladle to Keanu Reeves unable to finish his ridonkulous lines, the whole video is hilarious.

It’s clear the cast enjoyed themselves during filming. Last week, in an Instagram post dedicated to her co-stars, Wong gave “some advice: collaborate with people you absolutely adore and admire.”

“It’s been a wild journey old friend,” she said of Park, who she’s known for years.

Park, for his part, has said the project was “magical” for them both, “from writing it with Ali at the beginning to doing these interviews now.”

“We just want to bask in that for a little while before we talk about whatever’s next,” he told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Beyond the blooper reel, there are some scenes that got cut from the movie and have not been released, including a breakup scene between Marcus (Park) and Jenny (Vivian Bang), Park told the outlet. 

“Vivian [Bang] is amazing in it and she physically hurts me, like, in real life,” he said. “She actually damaged me, but it was so good and so Jenny. But we ultimately didn’t need it in the movie, so we had to let that one go. Maybe these things will see the light of day somewhere. Hopefully.”