Always believe in yourself!

Always believe in yourself!
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Last year I've made an interview with the beautiful Nataly Osmann, #FollowMeTo. I really love her and her husband, Murad, not because they are crazy good looking, or for their worldwide success, but mostly because they are kind, open, loving people. And I always have something to learn from their journey, I find inspiration and joy in their work.

All photos - Nataly & Murad private collection.

All photos - Nataly & Murad private collection.

This year, for the first time in the history of Forbes global rankings, Nataly and Murad Osmann made it into the short list of "Forbes Top Influencers" in the Travel category.

So, I knew this is the perfect time to ask them some questions and let them inspire my readers. And myself :)

Let's read their stories:

1. Being a traveler myself, I know the road is changing you a lot and is influencing your energy and state of mind. Can you tell me, please, about a lesson you've learned the hard way in your journey?

Murad: To be totally honest it is not only the road and the experiences that change you, but also the people that you meet on your way.

During our trips, we meet so many talented people that share their stories with us – they leave so many nice memories in our hearts.

It is through them that we always get inspired and see that you should never give up and follow your dreams.

Once in Brazil, we met a guide that followed his dream when he was very young and became a Buddhist monk in Tibet.

2. What is the most heartwarming #FollowMeTo story about the kindness of strangers?

Murad: Travelling through many countries we can say that kindness doesn’t require wealth. We met a lot of humble and very open people in India: from a taxi driver who took us for a dinner with his family to the local priests in the temples.

Once, we were guided in the Favelas of Rio by an amazing person from Ukraine, who lived there for a few years. He showed us a completely different side of the Favelas to what is portrayed in the media.

3. Can you tell me more, please, about your jewelry brand? You have a fascinating story about the engagement ring. What are the non-conflict diamonds and where can we find them?

Nataly: Jewelry is the way to see the greatest things in everyday life.

Traditions and taste of a whole nation are hidden in rings wrapped around women’s fingers. From every country I have been to I always brought back something special – a piece of jewelry, which would associate with the place, a tiny particle of a magical far-away culture.

This is the initial inspiration behind our Jewelry brand that we created.

Murad: We were looking for an engagement ring which would fit ourselves and our philosophy and couldn’t just go with a typical diamond, since you are never really sure if it's conflict-free or not.

Therefore, we have decided to design our own and after partnering with David Joseph and Isaac Gottesman – we decided to open a brand that will be based on non-conflict diamonds.

It is a common misconception that grown diamonds are not real diamonds. On the contrary, they are 100% real diamonds - chemically, physically and optically identical to the mined diamonds.

We are now developing a set of products that will include not only white, but fancy color diamonds and will share them on our @followyourloveto Instagram page.

4. Do you think that Millennials are ethically minded consumers? And what is your soul message to those who want to follow your steps?

I don't think that only Millenials are ethically minded consumers. I think people, in general, are changing now.

Before, we could've judged the success of a person by the house or the car he owned. Now, the success is the experiences you live and share with the people you know.

My message to everyone is: Be open minded to the world and follow your dreams no matter what obstacles you will find on your way.

Our project gained popularity only 1,5 years after we started it – and before that, many of our friends were telling us that it was getting boring and asking us to start something new.

Always believe in yourself!

If you want more, follow them on YouTube or Instagram. Thank you!

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