Texas Prom-Goers Wouldn't Let A Car Accident Or A Wheelchair Ruin Their Plans

Injuries from a car accident kept Alyah Mitchell’s prom date from escorting her to the school dance. Instead of letting the incident spoil their prom night, she decided to get creative.

Alyah and her friend, J.R. Hall, had been talking about going to prom together since late January. According to ABC News, J.R. got into a car accident on Feb. 2 that left him with serious injuries.

"For about the first month of the accident, he could not speak on his own, and he didn't remember much," Alyah told ABC News. "It was a pretty bad accident. He had to have surgeries on his neck. Pretty much all his normal body functions were out of whack."

The Texas teen hoped he would heal in time, but when the dance finally rolled around, he remained in the hospital. Alyah was heartbroken, but focused on the progress he had made.

“I was upset and wished things were different, but I was thrilled to know he was doing better and getting stronger, and that's what matters,” she said in an email to The Huffington Post.

On prom night, Alyah got ready early. Since J.R. couldn’t take her to prom, she decided to bring the prom to him.

“I had talked to him about maybe coming up there just to show him what I look like all dolled up,” she said. “I wanted to put a smile on his face any way possible, so I thought it would be nice to surprise him.“

Alyah took on the rest of her prom solo, but went feeling comforted about J.R.’s recovery in the hospital.

“I had a wonderful time at prom, and everyone looked great,” she said. “I felt amazing, and knowing J.R. was better made me going alone easier.”

Since J.R. goes to a different high school, Alyah still plans on going with him to his prom later this year. For her, the event will be another shot at the perfect prom night.

“It is kind of like getting a second chance.”

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