Alyson Stoner is Ready for Everyone to Hear 'While You Were Sleeping'

Alyson Stoner is Ready for Everyone to Hear While You Were Sleeping
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Courtesy of Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner is absolutely killing it! The beautiful singer is releasing her highly anticipated EP While You Were Sleeping on October 28th across all digital platforms. The EP will include hit singles Woman, Back to Church and The Boy is Mine. “I am really thrilled with this compilation. There’s no auto tune, no polishing and it’s completely raw. It’s revealing a lot of different sides of me,” said Alyson.

Alyson has been in the industry over 16 years. She’s had starring roles in major dance videos, worked on television productions and acted in films. Alyson has seriously done it all and she’s only 23-years-old! I have interviewed a great deal of famous celebrities, but I was absolutely blown away by the down-to-earth nature and humbleness that Alyson exuded during our interview. She gets it. She’s blessed to have the opportunity and platform to pursue her dream, but she realizes that she can have a private life as well. “I am exploring a huge life and work balance. Since ages six or seven, I’ve been working long hours. I’m reaching a point where as a human being I want to be able to set boundaries and have a whole hearted life where I can be a flexible person,” said Alyson. “Dance is sort of evolving into a personal passion. I’ve been in front of audiences for most of my life. I’ve realized it’s a passion and doesn’t have to be exploited for monetary gain.”

With saying that, Alyson shines with her hit single Woman. “Woman is really near and dear to my heart. I had just completed a several day writing session with my producer and I had a feeling that we needed to have one more session,” said Alyson. When she called the airlines to reschedule her flight, everything aligned and a normal flight that would have cost an enormous amount to change ended up being waived due to a storm. “I threw caution to the wind. Wildfire was the original title. As the lyrics came together I felt more empowered and recognized my identity and individuality,” added Alyson.

The difference between many other pop singers and Alyson is that she gets it. Yes, she’s blessed with many talented outlets; however, she understands the bigger picture and appreciates the fact that she’s able to display her “art”. Little girls out there are so lucky to have such an empowering female to look up to. Even though she feels intimidated to be viewed as a role model, she encourages other girls to shoot for the stars. “I would encourage personal development, so you’re aware of your own drivers and motives. Focus on the craft,” said Alyson. “Be willing to take risks and explore. Be willing to have the path unfold in whichever way.”

When Alyson isn’t in the studio or on tour, she serves as Head of Music on the QWunder app – an educational program designed to teach parents and kids about social and emotional intelligence. She also plays the voice of Kris on the Disney animated series Milo Murphy’s Law and she’ll return to the big screen this fall as Tallulah in the dark comedy Mr. Invincible. Be sure to check out Alyson’s EP – you will not be disappointed!

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