Alyssa Milano Rips Betsy DeVos' Campus Sexual Assault Rules In Dr. Seuss Spoof

The actress and activist gave the education secretary the Grinch treatment to protest the DOE’s proposed changes to Title IX guidelines.

Actress and Me Too activist Alyssa Milano has slammed Betsy DeVos’ new Title IX guidelines in a Dr. Seuss-inspired holiday story.

As HuffPost previously reported, the education secretary’s proposed regulations for Title IX, a federal law meant to ensure gender equality in education, are expected to overhaul the way colleges handle sexual assault allegations.

The guidelines, released last month, narrow the definition of sexual misconduct, essentially providing more protections for those accused of assault while making it harder for survivors of sexual violence to report it.

In a video titled “One ShIXtty Gift,” released Wednesday by It’s On Us ― an organization launched in 2014 to stop sexual assault ― Milano tells a tale of how DeVos came up with the regulations.

“Late one evening at the Department of Ed., thoughts were bouncing around Betsy DeVos’ head,” Milano reads. “She needed a gift, she started to think, a present for the people that would really stink.”

The clip concludes with Milano urging viewers to “put one more thing” on their list of holiday tasks this year: taking “Betsy’s shitty gift” and shoving it right “up her ... notice and comment section.”

Milano then explains how people can submit comments to voice their concerns about the guidelines.

Check out the full video in the clip below.

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