Alyssa Milano: Bill Clinton Should Have Been Investigated For Sex Claims

The activist and actress told CNN's Chris Cuomo that the Brett Kavanaugh issue "is not about partisan politics."

Actress and Me Too activist Alyssa Milano said Thursday that Bill Clinton should have faced further scrutiny over sexual misconduct claims against him.

Several women accused the former president, but for the most part, he avoided consequences ― a point often raised by conservatives.

Milano attended the hearing in which Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, gave conflicting testimony over an alleged attack at a party when they were in high school. She firmly stands by Ford’s account and opposes Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

So CNN host Chris Cuomo asked the “Charmed” star, “You are a fan of Bill Clinton. ... Should Kavanaugh receive the same benefit of the doubt?”

“No, and I don’t think Bill Clinton should have gotten that benefit of the doubt, in hindsight,” she answered. “I think that as a nation, we were in a different time. I think that women were continually being silenced. And I think we gave him the benefit of the doubt, and we probably should’ve investigated the allegations against him as well.”

“This is not about partisan politics,” she added.

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