Alyssa Milano Old Spice Response: WATCH Her Issue Oil Spill Challenge (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Alyssa Milano has told The Huffington Post that Old Spice responded to her video response and made an "extremely generous" donation to a Gulf-area nonprofit, 9th Ward Field Of Dreams. We'll continue to update with specifics regarding the donation, when available.

Watch her original video response below.


Alyssa Milano has been as into the Old Spice campaign as anyone, sending messages to the Old Spice man via her Twitter account (and getting responses).

Now Milano is using the attention that has come with the viral campaign, and her nearly one million Twitter followers, to raise awareness about doing social good.

Milano tweeted a video Wednesday afternoon that uses a play on words and some fun to extend a challenge to the Old Spice man to keep their "relationship" going.

"Here is your next move," she explains. "You must make a $100,000 donation to the National Wildlife Federations Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund. Are you strong enough?"

Those interested in joining Milano's call can donate to the NWF Oil Spill Restoration Fund here.

Watch the video below: