Alyssa Milano Rips The 2016 Candidates: 'It's Upsetting That I'm Raising Kids In This Time'

"I really just am disgusted by where we are right now in the political system."

Alyssa Milano is "feeling the Bern," but she's not feeling the other 2016 presidential candidates -- or the political climate of today, for that matter.

"I just can't with any of these candidates," she told HuffPost Live in a Wednesday conversation. "I can't even -- it makes me sick to my stomach, all of it. But Bernie I feel like is a really honest, cool dude. He doesn't seem like a politician. He doesn't seem too polished, too rehearsed. I think his intentions are really pure, and I think we need someone with pure intention."

The veteran actress is particularly appalled by the rhetoric candidates have been slinging around to attack each other in hopes of bolstering themselves.

"I really just am disgusted by where we are right now in the political system. I think we pin everyone against each other and it's just creating this really hostile planet and world, and it's upsetting to me. It's upsetting that I'm raising kids in this time," she said.

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