Alyssa Talks Backwards Really Well (VIDEO)

Alyssa is a special girl with a useless skill -- she can say any word you say backwards in three seconds or less, as demonstrated here when her (brother? friend?) throws words at her in the backseat of a van, for some reason. When the words are trickier, Alyssa says, "huh?", which appears to be a ploy to stall for time. But "huh" or no "huh," this girl is ridiculously fast. For the skeptics out there, another YouTuber played this "Alyssa Talking Backwards" in reverse to see whether Alyssa was just talking gibberish... which proves to be an ineffective method, resulting in more gibberish. As for us, we're dreaming of the day when there will be a backwards-talking bee for all those young geniuses whose talents aren't recognized like the spellers out there.


(via Buzzfeed)

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