Alzheimer's Can't Erase The 70 Years Of Love Between This Couple

Memories may fade, but true love never does.

Alfred and Sylvia Paley are living proof that true love never ever ends. At 89 and 86, respectively, they've been married for 67 years and are now beginning a battle against memory loss. 

After Alfred was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, the couple's grandson, Sam Maller, decided he would help them preserve their decades of memories.

Maller, a journalism student at Syracuse University, created a moving video tribute to "celebrate him [Alfred], my grandmother Sylvia Paley and their life together in love."

Chronicling their romance from the time they met as teenagers, Sylvia and Alfred beautifully describe their many years together. 

"Life has been wonderful," Alfred says in the video, entitled "A Life In Love." "You want to know what love is? It's wanting to be with certain people as much as you can."

The short film is a poignant montage of old photos, stories and tender moments between the couple as they navigate a new life with Alzheimer's.

"You never stop being in love just because you're in this situation," Sylvia says.




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