A.M. Homes Gets Animated

In the latest animation for Recommended Reading, a free fiction magazine from Electric Literature, Gretta Johnson brings to life a sentence from "Hello Everybody" by A.M. Homes. Featuring original music by Micheal Asif, this video is the latest addition to our Single Sentence Animation series.

Since 2009, Electric Literature has paired together dozens of writers and animators, bringing literature to new audiences and new outlets. Instead of creating book trailers or a visual translation of the story, Single Sentence Animations are creative collaborations that generate stand-alone works of art by focusing on the tone and style of the writer.

For each animation, a writer published by Electric Literature selects a favorite sentence from his or her work and the animator creates a short film in response. The sentence chosen by A.M. Homes from her story which appears in Recommended Reading vol. 5 no. 1:

"They are making their bodies their own -- renovating, redecorating, the body not just as corpus but as object of self-expression, a symbiotic relation between imagination and reality."

To read the rest of the story, visit electricliterature.com/recommendedreading and find our entire Single Sentence Animation series here.