Am I Obligated To Disclose My Invisible Disability?

Am I Obligated To Disclose My Invisible Disability?

I became suddenly disabled when I was 22 years old, right before I graduated from college. Being a young, outdoorsy, adventurous young person, you always heard about the statistics for the adrenaline-junkie activities you enjoy. You never expect to be the one with a dozen fractures, two black eyes, being wheeled back for another surgery after you’ve lost too much blood and are talking nonsense on morphine.

I can’t really tell you when I realized that the ramifications of my accident would go on for longer than it took my bones to stitch themselves together again. At the beginning, I envisioned my broken lower body being like cement. If I just let it dry long enough, harden, glue itself together, it would be good enough to stand on without any problems.

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