Am I The Only Woman Who Doesn't Watch 'Gilmore Girls?'

"I simply could not care less."

So I hear that “Gilmore Girls” is a thing.  In fact, my social media feed is a bit of a black hole of “Gilmore Girls” marathoners who are going off the rails because they’re excited about watching upmteen hours of whatever it is that the “Gilmore Girls” do.

What is a Gilmore Girl?  I’m lost here. I feel like I should at least know, but no matter who they are or what they do, I’m certain that my life is entirely complete without them in it.

Same with Amy Schumer, I recognize the name, but I’m pretty sure that if she knocked on my door I wouldn’t know her from Amy Poehler, or anyone else for that matter.  In fact, I had to Google to find more than one current celebrity I could name.

I simply could not care less.

Except at that point in every conversation with anyone anywhere when pop culture comes up.  “Do you watch ______?”  when I say “No,” the person asking proceeds to run through an extended series of similar questions, trying to discover common ground, which I sometimes allow, and sometimes derail immediately.

And then we have literally nothing to talk about.

I feel like a pariah.  A mood killer.

Am I the only one who doesn’t Netflix and chill?  I sure feel like it.

I turn on my television about once a week during the fall to watch football, otherwise it’s dormant unless my husband is home.  I have no interest.  I don’t even know why.

Could it be that I spent all my television watching hours in my youth as a depressed introvert that spent entire weekends glued to the tube?  That’s the joke I make about it anyway.

Please tell me there’s someone else, somewhere who doesn’t know or care about “Parks and Rec” or “Modern Family” or “Parenthood” or anything else that all my peers so dearly love.

Unless you want to talk about alternative rock music, that would be alright.

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