Religious Exemptions Shouldn't Keep Parents From Vaccinating Their Kids: American Medical Association

AMA Comes Out Against Religious Exemptions For Vaccines

CHICAGO (AP) — The American Medical Association has adopted policies against nonmedical vaccine refusals and for transgender people in the military.

The nation's largest doctors' group says parents should not be able to refuse to have their kids vaccinated for personal or religious reasons. That's because of the health risks unvaccinated kids pose to others.

At its annual policymaking meeting in Chicago on Monday, the AMA said it would support efforts to end those exemptions in state immunization mandates.

The AMA also adopted a policy saying there's no medically valid reason for the military's ban on transgender service members. And it agreed to organize efforts to create guidelines for assessing whether older physicians remain competent to safely treat patients.

The group has considerable lobbying clout and its positions tend to influence policymakers.

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