Amanda Berry's 911 Dispatcher Accused Of Calling Her A 'F---ing B----'

The dispatcher who handled a call placed by rescued Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry may have called her an obscenity, according to at least one "forensic audio expert."

The dispatcher, whose name has not been released, is already being investigated over concerns he handled Berry's call insensitively. Now, after a "social media comment," caused authorities to look into whether the dispatcher, in the last second of his recorded call with Berry, may have called her a "f---ing b----," according to WKYC.

The station reports that Forensic Specialist Tom Ciula listened to the call (which can be heard above) and determined that all he could hear were "f" and "b" sounds. He couldn't make out any actual words.

But an unnamed "forensic audio expert" who spoke with WOIO said he believes the dispatcher did utter those two words at the end of the call.

A spokesperson for the city of Cleveland told the station that their experts can't tell what words are said in the last second of the conversation.

The dispatcher is already under fire for, among other things, not staying on the line with Berry until police arrived to rescue her after 10 years under lock and key with her alleged captor, Ariel Castro.

Gary Allen, a former dispatcher with 20 years of experience told the Daily Beasthe was surprised at how the call-taker didn't attempt to connect with the victim.

“You generally want to hold the person on the phone and try to make a personal connection until law enforcement can get there," Allen said.



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