Amanda Bynes Eating Disorder: Actress Shares Yet Another Worrisome Tweet

When Amanda Bynes shared her weight goal back in February, we felt more than a little concerned for her. "I moved to New York City and I love it!" the 5-foot-8-inch star told Us Weekly. "I lost four pounds since I moved. I'm 121 pounds -- my goal is 100 pounds."

100 pounds for Bynes' height is severely underweight, and her latest tweet makes it all the more distressing. The actress, who just this week celebrated her 27th birthday, wrote:

I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) April 5, 2013

This, after ranting about the attention the media gives her. It seems as though words don't bother Bynes as much as photos do, as the former Nickelodeon star expressed her concern over the use of pictures which supposedly show she "gained weight."

She tweeted --

I'm suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness! They take pictures anytime I've gained weight then write a fake story!

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) April 5, 2013

Her looks and, above all, weight seem to be a persistent concern for the star, since two weeks ago she also uploaded a photo of herself and wrote that she looked "pudgy."

These tweets are only a drop in the vast, perplexing ocean that is Amanda Bynes in recent months. The actress constantly updates her 500,000+ followers with strange photos of herself (and of inanimate objects) and outrageous tweets, such as "I want Drake to murder my vagina" and "It doesn't matter what you think about yourself. All that matters is what your lover thinks of you."

Bynes' family recently expressed their concern over her seemingly unstable state and said they are willing to step in "if needed."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of the story named Bynes as a Disney star but she is most closely associated with Nickelodeon. The text has been amended to reflect that.

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