Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of Gym For Smoking Weed On 4/20 (REPORT)

Leave it up to Amanda Bynes to further baffle us after learning she was reportedly kicked out a New York gym for smoking weed this past weekend.

Of all the places to celebrate 4/20, we didn't think anyone would be doing it at a gym. A Planet Fitness employee, who told the website the gym "does not allow lunks to workout here, and especially no weed smokers," added that Bynes did not take the news that the company was canceling her membership very well, and was seen storming out.

For what it's worth, Bynes has denied the gym's claims, telling RumorFix, “I don’t smoke in the bathroom. I also don’t smoke pot I smoke tabacco!"

We're pretty sure most people can tell the difference between the smell of marijuana and tobacco, and we'd be more apt to believe Bynes if she wasn't spotted smoking what looked a lot like a joint earlier this month in the middle of Times Square.

Perhaps the 27-year-old just rolls her own cigarrettes, but we're reminded of previous reports that the former child star was facing eviction because she was allegedly smoking weed "morning, noon and night" in the hallway of her strictly non-smoking building.

Bynes also denied those reports, but didn't address the marijuana claims. Instead, she told Celebuzz, "I'm not moving. I don't have a landlord! I don't rent! I own a condo in NY."

Saturday's incident is just one more for the books, as Bynes appears to continue to spiral out of control -- and it's yet another gym she's been asked to leave.

The "She's The Man" star is going to have a hard time finding a place to work out if she keeps this up, since she was reportedly kicked out of an adult gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers after she “showed up in fishnets and a leotard that looked like lingerie." Sources also told The New York Post that the actress was seen “muttering to herself” and then “burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her dark-colored wig fell off."

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