Amanda Bynes Joins Instagram, Back On Twitter (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes Joins Instagram

Amanda Bynes has presumably been busy doing whatever it is that retired 26-year-old multi-millionaires do. But the former Nickelodeon star, who maintains an on-again, off-again presence on Twitter, recently resurfaced with the following tweet:

My phone got taken twice but I got it back & am waiting to get reverified. I love my fans! Xox Follow me on instagram I'm amandabynes4386 :)

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) November 23, 2012

And as promised, Bynes has joined Instagram and already shared a series of photos. In one post, she assures us that both accounts are legit, uploading a screenshot of her Twitter page with the message "It's me! Haha! :D."

Another picture sees the actress sporting shades and some red head gear, with the caption "❤ my turban!"

amanda bynes instagram

In another post, she notes that "Losing weight is hard to do!" (we can relate!), and reveals a photo of her waist, adding, I love jeans with sexy holes, mine are from Current Elliot :D"

amanda bynes instagram

Despite Bynes' erratic behavior over the past several months, she recently told People magazine, "I am doing amazing."

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