Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan Feud: Former Nickelodeon Actress Trying To Avoid 'Nemesis'

With both Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan currently in New York City, drivers and pedestrians alike are on high alert, but according to new reports Bynes is more concerned with running into Lohan than anything else.

RadarOnline reports that the former Nickelodeon star is desperately trying to avoid Lohan, now that they are both in the city.

"Amanda knows that Lindsay is currently in New York, and she is going to great lengths to avoid her," an insider source told the website, explaining that Bynes was considering staying at the Dream Hotel, but nixed the idea after learning that Lohan has been hanging out there.

The source adds that Bynes is well aware that the media would go into a "feeding frenzy" if she and Lohan ended up at the same place, so she's been calling ahead to restaurants and stores to ensure that she won't run into Lohan anywhere.

"Amanda just wants nothing to do with Lindsay and doesn't know why she was commenting on her legal troubles when Lindsay is no saint herself," the insider revealed.

The source is referring to Lohan's recent Twitter gripe, when she asked, "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?" which she tweeted after one of Bynes' many recent vehicular mishaps.

Both Bynes and Lohan recently fled to New York following legal problems and are rumored to be making the move permanent.

It's been reported that Bynes was recently dropped by her agent and publicist-- not that she'll need them since she reportedly intends to retire from acting and start a new life on the East Coast, as a fashion designer.

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