Amanda Bynes' Mental Health: Witnesses Worry About Actress

Amanda Bynes has been making headlines recently for her dangerous driving habits, and now her erratic behavior has people worried that something might be seriously wrong with the actress.

According to TMZ, one of Byne's neighbors has spotted her "having long conversations with inanimate objects," while other witnesses at her gym have seen her talking to herself and "laughing hysterically for no reason" while working out.

The concern over Bynes' mental health follows several car incidents she's been involved in over the past few months. She has been charged with two hit-and-runs as well as a misdemeanor DUI, and her license has been suspended, though that doesn't seem to have stopped her from driving or allegedly smoking a suspicious substance in her car.

According to E! Online, Bynes' next court date is set for Sept. 21 for her misdemeanor DUI charge, and she'll appear in court again on Sept. 27 for her hit-and-run charges.

For more on Bynes, head over to TMZ.

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