Amanda Bynes' New Video Isn't As Disturbing As The First, But It's Awkward Nonetheless

It seems like at this point, Amanda Bynes set the cray cray bar a little too high. The video she posted just two weeks ago, where she's engaged in some inexplicable mumbling in front of the mirror, was one of the strangest things we've seen yet. Then she lashed out at the media and threatened to sue everyone who writes negatively about her, proceeded to shave half her head, and rumor has it that she's acting so strange around her apartment building that she's got the neighbors' kids all scared.

After all this, it should come as no surprise that a mellow video like the one she posted onto Twitter yesterday will go under the radar. And still, it's baffling.

In it, Bynes again stares at herself in the bathroom mirror but this time she's not making weird faces. It seems like she might have even taken out the piercing from her right cheek, and though her choice of attire is questionable -- floral with camouflage? -- she seems relatively put together.

The former Nickelodeon star captioned this Telly video with "Chilling - what are you doing?" then, just a few hours later, retweeted the same video only with no sound and wrote "Watch my video on #twitvid."

We're watching, Amanda. Don't worry.

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