Amanda Bynes' Psychiatric Hold Can Be Extended For Up To A Year, Though Not Likely (REPORT, UPDATE)

It went from a 72-hour hold to two weeks in psychiatric care, to an extended 30-day stay and now possibly to a long-term stay in the hospital for Amanda Bynes.

After being apprehended on a 5150 for setting fire in a residential driveway, the former Nickelodeon star's condition has become somewhat of a public concern.

According to TMZ, the doctors at the UCLA Medical Center treating Amanda asked that she be held long term, and a judge granted their request. Technically, Bynes could be confined for up to a year, but TMZ says it's not likely -- the plan is to release the troubled star to her mother's care in 60 days.

Amanda's mother, Lynn, was granted partial conservatorship of her daughter earlier this month. The ruling permits Lynn to control decisions involving the health and finances of her daughter, and it will be in effect until Sept. 30.

UPDATE: Despite reports that Bynes is still under psychiatric hold, she tweeted an hour ago after not using Twitter for over a month. She wrote:

Her previous tweet, sent out July 19, was similar in spirit:



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