Amanda Bynes' Sad, Sad Spiral Of Shame: What The Former Child Star Has Done This Year To Make Us Worry (INFOGRAPHIC)

First it was amusing, then it was just a little bit off, but now, Amanda Bynes' behavior is downright worrisome. The once seemingly wholesome Nickelodeon star has been unraveling right in front of our eyes and she's been the narrator every step of the way.

To understand what's going on with the troubled star is to follow her Twitter account, @AmandaBynes. The 27-year-old tweets regularly and encourages all of her followers not to listen to the media's take on her downward spiral, and instead focus on her 140 characters or less. If it's any comfort to her, many of the disturbing details that have us concerned come from that very same feed she thinks refutes any notions of "erratic behavior." Spoiler: it doesn't.