Amanda Bynes' Sh*t List: Who The Actress Dislikes MOST

When Amanda Bynes tweeted that she plans to sue Us Weekly and Perez Hilton in March, it was just the beginning of the downward spiral for the troubled 27-year-old.

Since her drastic change in physical appearance, followed by her outrageous social media outbursts, subsequent arrest, and unusual behavior, Bynes has lashed out at several other stars, publications, and law enforcement agencies. Take a look at who she dislikes most and why ...

Note that Bynes later deleted the tweets about Rihanna claiming she did not write them, according to TMZ.

As for the exchange between Jenny McCarthy and Bynes, the feud was prompted by McCarthy who tweeted, “Police are at @AmandaBynes house.” Amanda then rebutted with her attack (above). The two later appeared to kiss and makeup, sending friendly tweets to one another.

Bynes is targeting the NYPD after her arrest on Thursday (May 23), making accusations of sexual harassment. Yet after conducting an internal investigation, the NYPD has found Bynes' claims to be false.

Our favorite bada** rocker, Courtney Love, gave Amanda a talking to when she tweeted, "@AmandaBynes pull it together dude." This only fueled Bynes' fire, giving her ample reason to attack the rocker.

And last but not least, TMZ is the latest victim of Bynes' fury. Just today (May 28), the site released pictures of what appears to be the actress's shattered bong.

So the moral of the story, don't mess with Amanda ... you don't want to be her next victim.



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