Amanda Bynes' Twitter Makes As Much Sense As You'd Expect, And By That We Mean Not Much

It's always sad when stars you used to know and love fall off the deep end. It's also kind of funny.

Former Nickelodeon star and current purveyor of nonsense Amanda Bynes is diligently documenting her downward spiral on Twitter, though unlike most stars she doesn't have a verified account and has only 300,000 followers.

Yesterday, Bynes tweeted this photo of her pierced cheeks and oversize sunglasses sans caption:

Which isn't the first we've learned of her new and slightly eccentric bling, but it's as inexplicable as it was the first time.

The photo is merely the latest in a series of bizarre tweets Bynes has been sending out into the world these past few days, some of which are rare gems like --

(Ily being "I love you," lololol being "Laughing Out Loud" ... repeatedly?)

The 26-year-old also tweeted this --

After uploading two random looking, very dark and unclear photos of her socks and some silhouettes.

Bynes also posted this photo of herself:

Following a photo of singer Drake, whom she apparently fancies...

The former child star also has a whole bunch of tweets about love, feelings, emotions and all that good stuff, so we're thinking either Drake should give her a call or he should probably start looking out for an Amanda Bynes-looking fan in the crowd at his next show.

Just last week, a friend of Bynes talked about how "blissfully unaware" the star is of her erratic behavior. "Amanda has absolutely no idea about the reputation she's getting for all of her weird behavior," the friend told RadarOnline.com. "In fact, when she got her DUI and those hit-and-run allegations all she talked about was the publicity she was finally getting!"



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