Georgia News Anchor Amanda Davis Arrested For DUI After Collision

Amanda Davis, an award winning co-anchor for Fox 5 News in Atlanta, was arrested over the weekend suspected of driving under the influence after she was involved in a wrong-way, head-on crash.

The 55-year old reporter who has won multiple Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences was arrested and charged Sunday with DUI, reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.

Atlanta police responded to a report of a head-on collision around 12:20 a.m. According to an Atlanta Police Department report, the news anchor was driving a green Fiat northbound in the southbound lane of Piedmont Avenue, when she struck a black Toyota Corolla driven by David Jarman.

The head-on collision caused substantial front-end damage to both vehicles. Jarman was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital after complaining of injuries, police said.

The responding officer reported he could smell, "a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person." He also noted Davis had "watery eyes [and] slurred speech," according to the arrest report police provided to The Huffington Post.

"[The officer] asked her if she had been drinking, to which she did respond in the affirmative," APD Sgt. Gregory Lyon said in a statement.

Davis refused a Breathalyzer test and a field sobriety test, but the officer found probable cause to arrest her for DUI, police said. Davis’ license was confiscated at the scene and she was transported to jail; she has since been released.

Davis did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment from HuffPost. It was not known Tuesday whether she has an attorney. A statement released by Fox 5's Vice President of News Mike McClain said that the station "is aware of the incident and we are currently investigating."

According to her biography on the station's website, Davis has received numerous awards from the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists, including Best Anchor in 2000. In 1998, she was the recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for her continuous live broadcasting during an Atlanta abortion clinic bombing.

She graduated from Clark College in Atlanta and was recognized twice by her alma mater as a distinguished alumna.

Davis' arrest brought mixed comments from fans on her Facebook page. Some posters are chastising her for her arrest, while others continue to support her.

Imeil S Prophet: *DRUNK* get help before you kill someone.

Brad Greene: Everyone deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes. Hope you see you again soon!!!

Lori Sutter Adams: Love how everyone is feeling so much empathy for you, I am praying for the innocent person that your 2nd time "mistake" has injured! I realize everyone has there "bad days" but come on, you should know better!

According to NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA, in December 1991 Davis was arrested for driving under the influence, speeding and failing to maintain lane.

Jarman, according to WSB-TV, mentioned his car was totaled on Twitter and asked friends to keep him in their prayers.

Amanda Davis DUI

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