Amanda Gorman's Inaugural Poetry Reading Immortalized In Stunning Street Art Murals

Artists across the U.S. are honoring the poet's powerful performance at President Joe Biden's inauguration.

Amanda Gorman ’s stunning recital of her original poem “ The Hill We Climb” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration has been immortalized in street art murals nationwide.

Kaliq Crosby’s depiction of Gorman on the side of a building in Washington, D.C., “represents new energy and accountability,” the artist told HuffPost this week.

“It’s a reminder of what society can accomplish when we cooperate with each other and what can be lost if we don’t have the courage to face obstacles and reevaluate ourselves,” Crosby explained of his piece, here:

Kaliq Crosby

“It’s my pleasure and responsibility to preserve my people’s legacy and contributions to society,” Crosby added. “I love painting people and capturing the energy and essence of inspiring people that have changed the world.”

Artist Nicole Hayden painted this piece honoring the poet, who turned 23 on Sunday, in San Francisco, soon after her inaugural recital wowed the nation:

Hayden told HuffPost she’d initially been asked to paint a tribute to the late civil rights leader Rep John. Lewis, who died last year, but switched her subject to Gorman following her powerful performance.

“I was blown away by her, her words, her presence, her voice,” Hayden recalled. “She is the voice of her generation and I definitely wanted to capture that in paint for this moment.”

Los Angeles artist MisterAlek, meanwhile, told HuffPost he spent six days painting Gorman in front of the word “UNITY” in Palm Springs, California, after becoming inspired by her story.

“She’s been working hard toward this goal her whole life,” the full-time artist told The Desert Sun. “Her whole life has been achieving goals. I think she’s a prime example of what perseverance and dedication can do to any person.”

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