Amanda Knox Home: The Latest News On How She Is Settling In

Home, sweet home! Now what?

Upon returning to Seattle, Knox was warmly greeted by friends, family, and local businesses, according to the Associated Press.

And in Italy, inmates in the Italian prison celebrated Amanda Knox's freedom, according to ABC.

Knox was charged with murder in a foreign country, placed in jail, and only won her freedom on appeal after being put through the judicial process under an international spotlight. So what's next?

Major TV networks outlets are still competing for her attention. During her trial, several major media outlets either paid or offered to pay for the Knox family's hotel rooms, according to the Associated Press. Knox was reportedly offered $10 million for her first interview with the press, according to the Christian Post.

It has been four years since Knox was last in Seattle with her family, and she will likely spend some time with the people she knows best. Her ex-boyfriend has reportedly been invited to Seattle to see her.

What else is Amanda Knox up to? Watch this Huffington Post video to learn more: