Amanda Linscott Pulls Gun On Man While Having Sex In A Moving Car: Florida Cops

A Florida woman has been charged with armed robbery after she allegedly pulled a gun while having sex with a man driving a car.

Amanda Jean Linscott, 26, met the victim, whose name has not been released, when she and a friend visited a pub in Port Charlotte on Sept. 3, WINK reports.

Later that night, the two women went with the man to a private residence, according to authorities. Linscott's friend and the victim reportedly had sex, then the two women left.

The man says Linscott's friend had said she needed money, so he gave her $120. Later that night, he called the friend's cell phone and they planned to meet up at a convenience store. When he arrived at the store, though, only Linscott was there.

Linscott told him her friend had abandoned her. Then, he says, he and Linscott got into his car, where she started having sex with him as he drove.

He told police that Linscott then asked for cash, and when he said he had already given all of his money to her friend, she held a revolver up to his head. He says he punched her in the face so that she would let go of the weapon, according to WTSP.

The man lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a palm tree. His car went flying through the air, Fox 4 reports, then skidded across two front yards.

Linscott took off, but was later arrested and is being held without bond.



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