Amanda Palmer: Naked & Dead At The Golden Globes (AUDIO)

Amanda Palmer: Naked & Dead At The Golden Globes (AUDIO)
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Less then three weeks in and musician Amanda Palmer has had a pretty smashing 2010. On New Year's Eve, she performed with the Boston Pops Orchestra singing Tchaikovsky as well as material from her Brechtian Punk Cabaret group Dresden Dolls and material from her Ben Folds produced solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Sometime around New Year's, she was proposed to by her literary rock star boyfriend Neil Gaiman. They officially announced their engagement to their fans on the 15th. Then Palmer and Gaiman made their way to the Golden Globe awards this past week, where Palmer immediately became the most interesting thing at the awards.

For one thing, Palmer sent a bunch of entertaining tweets while at the awards show -- Gaiman snapped a picture of her laying down dead on the red carpet and she posted photos of herself in the ladies room that caused no less than Courtney Love to comment, saying she wanted to take Palmer out for coffee and tell her drug stories about that same bathroom. But it was Palmer's dress change on the red carpet that caught the attention of pop-culture observers like the crew at Go Fug Yourself.

In this exclusive interview, I talk to Amanda Palmer about exactly what happened at the Golden Globe awards and why Neil Gaiman is the perfect man for her.

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