Amanda Peet Gets Real About What Happens To Boobs After Giving Birth

Does putting cabbage leaves on your breasts reduce painful swelling after childbirth? One actress thought it was worth giving it a shot or two.

Amanda Peet, of the new HBO comedy "Togetherness," appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday and shared her experience with a certain leafy vegetable after giving birth to her third child on Dec. 6.

"When you get engorged after the baby’s born and the milk comes in, you can put cold cabbage leaves on your boobs," she told DeGeneres. "Apparently, it stops the milk.”

Despite some reports that the folk remedy can be effective for new moms, Peet isn't a believer. "It doesn't really work," she said.

But, she conceded, "it makes for a really great picture."

Of course, Peet isn't a member of the medical community, so please see your doctor with questions regarding how to best handle any discomfort.

H/T Uproxx