'Lovelace' Star Amanda Seyfried Talks Watching 'Deep Throat' Porno

Playing a famous porn star requires some unpleasant research -- just ask Amanda Seyfried.

In addition to to wearing a huge bruise on her face to play a victim of domestic violence in "Lovelace," Seyfried had to watch "Deep Throat," the porn film that made Linda Lovelace a star.

"What surprised me was the amount of pubic hair!" Seyfried told Glamour magazine.

While producer Patrick Muldoon told E! Online there would be "a lot of nudity" in "Lovelace," Seyfried maintains it won't be going too far.

"I'm pretty sure I would never do full frontal for a movie," Seyfried said. "For personal reasons, I wouldn't really want to show that."

"Lovelace," also starring James Franco and Sarah Jessica Parker, hits theaters later this year. For more, head over to Glamour.