Amanda Seyfried's Nightstand Has A Few Surprises

Amanda Seyfried's Nightstand Has A Few Surprises

It's official: We'd really like to live in Amanda Seyfried's home.

The actress gave us a little inside information about what sounds like an amazing place to live in the latest issue of Marie Claire. Take for instance her nightstand that's covered in incense and some amazing literature from Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote and William Faulkner.

She also revealed what can be found in her bedroom (Matteo sheets, dog toys, Joan Nelson paintings and Sarah Baley photographs). We were also pretty intrigued by her dinner guest wish list consisting of "Neil Patrick Harris, Patty Griffin, the Clintons and some magicians." Now if only we could get an invite to that shindig...

Be sure to head over to Marie Claire for more with Seyfried, and click through our slideshow to see some other incredible celebrity homes.

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