Amanda Seyfried, Ryan Phillippe Dating: Romance Heats Up

Just days after getting caught smooching in Mexico, Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried brought their budding romance stateside.

According to People Magazine, Phillippe visited Seyfried on the set of her new film on Thursday, dropping by and swooping her away on a walk. Must have gone well, because they were spotted the next morning, having brunch with friends.

And it wasn't just the omelets they were enjoying: "They were really cute," a witness told the magazine. "The two of them smiled the whole time."

Funny coincidence: they were smooching all throughout their Mexican dinner, too. Something about food with those two.

Thus far, this relationship is going swimmingly. "They're really into each other," a source told People. "They're a really good match and just enjoying it all right now."

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