Amateur Golfer Hits 3 Holes-In-One In One 'Crazy Day'

Ali Gibb defied the odds in winning a club tournament.

Hopefully Ali Gibb has some of that mojo spared for another day.

The 51-year-old amateur golfer sank three holes-in-one Tuesday to defend her title at Croham Hurst Golf Club in England, according to reports.

In the 36-hole event, she aced the par-3, 144-yard fifth hole twice and the par-3, 190-yard 11th hole once, according to her scorecard posted by CNN.

“It was a crazy day and what happened was quite unbelievable,” she told the outlet.

Gibb explained to the BBC that she had knocked in three holes-in-one before, but of course not on the same day.

“Our pro Adam came up to me and said: ‘I’ve had one hole-in-one in 42 years, you’ve just had three in five hours.’” she said to the BBC.

According to stats published in Golf Digest, the odds of an amateur golfer making a hole in one on a par-3 hole are 12,500 to 1.

That means that making three in one day is extremely unlikely to say the least.

We’re thinking Gibb should probably have followed her outing with a lottery ticket purchase.