Donald Glover Loses Freestyle Rap Battle To Miami Amateur Krass Da Kid At South Beach Comedy Fest (WATCH)

Saturday night, comedian and Community star Donald Glover held court at the Fillmore Miami Beach for the South Beach Comedy Festival.

As many in the audience were avid fans of Childish Gambino -- the actor's rap project -- Glover ended his stand-up with a freestyle rap battle.

And while Miami crowds typically go gaga for any celebrity, Saturday's audience was completely won over by Krass Da Kid, a rapper randomly plucked from the audience to battle Glover.

The two jousted in hilarious freestyle 30-second raps, before audience cheering proved Krass Da Kid's win. In the hours after he schooled Childish Gambino, Krass Da Kid hopped on Twitter to use his newfound street cred to land a date:

Two volunteer beat-boxers were also brought onstage from the audience. Chris confused Glover with his 3-piece suit and his “Neptune Sounds" effects, while the second, D-Rock AKA Derrick, also donned a tie -- prompting Glover, who wore jeans, a white tee and corn rows, to exclaim, "Double suits! It's getting real in here! I am the most hood dude in here!"

Watch the video below for a partially obstructed view of the rap-off or click here to watch a clearer video of the battle. Warning: Glover and Krass use language that some may find offensive.