This Goalkeeper In Scotland Had The Worst Six Seconds In Soccer History

On the other hand: Nice goal!

What could the man on the ground have possibly done to have a friend point and laugh a la Nelson Muntz? Looking at the body language of every man in the above photo, which was taken from a Tennent’s Lager T5s camera of five-a-side soccer match in Glasgow, Scotland, there are so many levels of shame being expressed in different ways. 

And rightly so. The man in the red and black stripes committed such a cartoonish series of goalkeeping calamities that the whole screw-up can fit in one neat Vine:

Everyone go home. This guy got nutmegged, didn't hustle after the shot and got his hand caught in the net before knocking the ball fully into the goal. 

The goalkeeper's fetal position says it all: So much shame in such a small amount of time. 


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