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Amazing (and Delicious) Trips for Culinary Voyagers

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Some travelers cross the world for a look at a beautiful building; others sail the seas for a glimpse of rare wildlife. And then there are those of us who brave long layovers and cramped flights for the chance to savor the flavors of the world. Culinary travel is as varied as the cuisines of the world.

Some trips focus on cooking, others on eating and drinking. You can find trips that are totally independent, guided just for you, or join a group of likeminded individuals in pursuit of great flavors. Culinary vacations can be all white tablecloths, or they can be down-and-dirty affairs full of foraging and harvesting. The world is your oyster … and your brisket, enchilada, and vindaloo. So dig in.

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Amazing (and Delicious) Trips for Culinary Voyagers
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