Amazing City Gardens Picked By National Geographic (PHOTOS)

We're kind of obsessed with National Geographic's new book, "Secret Journeys of A Lifetime". The book, which came out earlier this week, has all sorts of travel tips, from the best ghost towns worth visiting to broader topics like the most idyllic island getaways, spiritual travel tips and even classic road trips worth embarking on.

One of our favorite topics they cover is the best city gardens. Let's face it: As city mice, so often we don't get to see enough green. Here at The Huffington Post, we've already chronicled the best museum gardens, the world's most famous gardens and even the best places to watch flowers bloom.

But what about travelers who like to take in a little horticulture on their urban escapes? The range in Nat Geo's top 10 is wide--from New York to Morocco, Singapore to the Grenadines.

Take a look at their picks for the best city gardens below. Have a favorite that didn't make their cut? Send it on in.

Flickr: irene.