Amazing Holiday Kitchen Remodels for $500 or Less

The holidays are fast approaching. Fortunately, you still have time to tackle some remodeling projects that will improve the functionality and decorative appeal of your home. The following improvements will help you get the perfect look just in time for the holidays.

Update Your Cabinets

Professional cabinet refinishing can cost as much as $2,000 to $3,000. You can save time and money with a DIY cabinet refinish. You can also give tired, out-of-date cabinets a quick and easy makeover simply by replacing old hardware with contemporary hardware. You can also give old cabinetry new life by adding a new coat of paint. Consider applying chalkboard paint to the inner panels to create a café aesthetic.

Install a New Sink

A new sink and faucet are the perfect additions to your kitchen if you plan to do a lot of cooking during the holidays. Even installing a high-end faucet will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. A local contractor can install a new faucet for you. Naturally, the cost of a new sink and faucet will depend on the type of materials you choose. Even so, you can install a new sink that will enhance the look of your setting for under $500.

Replace Old Fixtures

Installing a new ceiling fan or lighting fixture is another great way to transform your kitchen. If your fixtures are outdated, consider exchanging them with new ones. Fixtures and ceiling fans range in price, but many projects cost under $500.

Add New Shelving

Install new shelving if you like to display collections. Hanging shelves in your kitchen will also create extra storage space for items like glassware and canisters. Consider installing cabinets along a blank wall or above kitchen cabinetry.

Install Window Trim

Trim and molding will give your kitchen an upscale look and make small windows appear more substantial. Even installing a single strip of molding atop a window will give your room an updated appearance and hide window hardware. Hire a contractor or your local carpenter to tackle this job.

Replace Window Treatments

You can purchase new window treatments on any budget. From Roman shades to stylish curtains, you can enhance your kitchen windows with treatments that suit your decorative schemes. New hardware like a decorative curtain rod will also enhance the eye-catching appeal of your setting.

Frame Your Refrigerator

Creating a built-in look for your refrigerator will add a seamless look to your kitchen décor. A custom frame will tie in with your existing cabinetry. You can choose the wood or even have your frame painted to blend in with your kitchen’s existing decorative scheme.


Making these changes will not break your budget, but they will enhance the enjoyment of your setting. If you find yourself busy during the upcoming weeks, remember that a local contractor can make short work of these remodeling projects.

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