Amazing Moments: Son Asks Grandma About Holocaust

Why do I love saving people time? I think it has a lot to do with my mother. She is a holocaust survivor who lived through an experience very similar to Anne Frank. Thankfully, my mom survived her ordeal. My son recently asked her about it and she shocked us all by producing the actual Jewish Gold Star that she was forced to wear during the holocaust. Incredible. So time and times like these... are precious to me.

Somehow, this amazing woman had managed to save this star for over 50 years in order to present it to my son. Within the video, our entire family is seeing this star for the first time.

I hear many angry voices in the world but I am not angry. I understand the anger but I never let it take me over. When we start restricting people based on religion -- we are going down the very pathway my mother describes in this incredible video. And, we seem to be forgetting the past. As my mom asks at the end of the video. "Did you get it?" I hope we all do.

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