Amazing Products That Give A Glimpse Into The Future

While looking for holiday gifts this season, we found some pretty amazing pieces of tech that make us excited and feeling futuristic. It’s gadgets and gizmos like these that make us pumped for what’s to come in the following 2017 year.

Cuisinart—Cuisinart leads the pack with products like their Juice Extractor capable of juicing whole fruits, or the Power Cut Series Can Opener that saves you any cuts or struggle opening up a can. When you look at a brand like Cuisinart, you truly feel the streamlined consumer experience, which is what the future is all about. Time-saving hacks are the greatest when accompanied by time-saving devices such as these.

Bionic Bird—It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its a..bionic bird! The newest and coolest biomimetic drone flies using your smartphone or tablet, and looks, well, like a bird Guide your drone with your smartphone by controlling the speed, wings, or for the experts out there classic radio-command controls.

Rad Power Bikes—Experience bike riding like never before with Rad Power Bike’s RadRover Electric Fat Bike. Cruise down your neighborhood at unimaginable speeds and school all of the neighborhood kids with your e-bike. With a 48V battery, 750w geared hub motor, and all of the specifications any bike beauty should have, you’re guaranteed to be flying on the sidewalks and dirt this season.

hiku—hiku is your ultimate shopping companion that lives in your kitchen to scan your barcodes and create a master shopping list that will update to the cloud, accessible via app and online. Once you start using hiku, you’ll get attached to the ease at which your shopping can be, without the need to unfold wrinkled shopping lists or wrack your brains about whether you have enough eggs.

Stelle Pillar Audio
Stelle Pillar Audio

Stelle Audio—With superior design and audio, these bluetooth speaker sets provide a classy touch into every home and purse with its portable speaker set. Shop their wide variety of fashionable speakers that boast an amazing bass quality and nuanced clear sounds to hear all of your music like it was meant to be heard.

Vifly R220—The Vifly R220 is a racing drone built with a small yet powerful FPV camera and a customized 32-bit F3 flight controller. Light weight and easy to learn, the Vifly is a definite add for any drone driver from first-timers to experts with amazing specs, built for an amazing time.


August Home—August Home provides a variety of devices to make your home smart with the August Smart Lock. With accessories such as the Smart Keypad and Smart Doorbell, you can remotely provide access and create virtual keys to your home for guests. Stop hiding the spare key inside the fake rock or under your mat, get August Home and embrace the smart home lifestyle, starting with opening the door.

Babolat—With technology getting smarter, so are athletes. Practice with Babolat’s signature POP device to monitor your hits and train like a pro. Connect with your phone and challenge your teammates (or rivals) to see who comes out on top. Finally, check out Babolat’s newest Propulse Fury for the brightest shoe’s you’ll ever have seen.

Finis Inc Duo—The newest and most revolutionary technology in the headphone game is with Finis’s Duo, an underwater MP3 player that uses bone condition audio transmission to delivery crystal clear audio, just as you would on land. Navigate between songs and playlists with its easy tactile buttons, even while swimming laps in the pool.

Trek Light Gear’s Bindle Daypack—The greatest packable backpack that fits inside a tiny 3.5oz pouch to stuff in your pocket, bag, or attach to keys. Perfect for spontaneous trips to the grocery store or when trekking through the woods and removing dirty, sweaty clothing.

Vufine—Vufine, the wearable display, brings VR to your everyday life with functionalities from games to watching the news. Attaching to any pair of glasses, Vufine lets you continue your everyday life while getting the content you need, all without having to hold a screen in your hands. Pop onto your glasses for the train ride, and pop them into your pocket when you’re finished. An incredible device that seems like a completely VR world is not too far ahead. Look like the best techie wherever you go with Vufine.

Slant LittleArm—Perfect for the engineer-in-training or coder at heart, the Slant LittleArm Arduino robot kit is made for anyone looking to get into robotics. With the ability to code and train your LittleArm, the possibilities are endless with the help of the Arduino software and a bit of hacking.

Dobot Robotic Arm—If robotics is what you’re looking for, check out a slightly larger robotic arm for the more advanced user, the Dobot Magician capable of learning and doing repetitive tasks so you don’t have to! With easy tool switching mechanisms and endless programming capabilities, the opportunities with Dobot are endless. Dobot is controlled by voice, device, gesture, and even brainwave! Check all of this out and more with Dobot’s website and Kickstarter campaign for another device by them with equally amazing specs and more.

MIOPS: Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera Trigger—Miops is a high powered camera trigger used by professionals around the globe to capture the perfect image. With functions such as lightning sensors that will trigger the shutter whenever a flash (even of lightning in a storm) is seen, MIOPS proves itself to be the leader of the pack in camera accessories for sound and visual activated triggers. A truly amazing device with capabilities that are able to be explored day in and day out.

Virzoom Bike—The VR bike that keeps you playing and in shape, the Virzoom is designed as virtual reality that will keep you moving as you go through race tracks, battlegrounds, even as a flying Pegasus. With a wide variety of games available for the Virzoom, the choices are endless on how you play and with you. Truly an amazing and immersive gaming experience that keeps you on your feet—literally.

Roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier—An ultrasonic humidifier, Roolen Breath Smart is a device that automatically detects the air humidity levels and adjusts accordingly. Select the best option for you and continue on, worry-free, as Roolen covers your air with just one touch, in the most eco-friendly fashion.

Walnut Speakers by Grovemade x Joey Roth—It’s hard to find another small wired speaker set that combine attractive appeal and beautiful sound quality more so than Grovemade. With collaboration with industry and design experts, Grovemade has propelled itself to be a winner in the audio world with speakers crafted to perfect, both on the inside and out. Superior audio specs give this set an amazingly clear tone that is not found elsewhere.

Infinity Glow L.E.D Beer Pong Table—This infinity glow table will make any game of BP seem like a professional one. Cue the LED lights and watch its structural infinity mirrors leave you in awe of its beauty. Make your home a party house, with or without the party, with this color-changing light-up table that will make you feel like you’re living the high life. Make this the center of a bachelor pad or a basement rec room and watch your guests’ jaws drop.

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