'Amazing Spider-Man' Ticket Sales: Blockbuster Tracking For $125 Opening Haul

"The Amazing Spider-Man" doesn't hit theaters until July 3, but the film is in position to become the second biggest box-office smash of the summer, behind "Marvel's The Avengers." According THR, tracking has "The Amazing Spider-Man" on course to earn at least $125 million over the six-day frame from July 3 to July 8.

Per the trade, interest is high among all males and females under 25. In the end, those distaff viewers might be Spider-Man's secret weapon. With its young-and-in-love leads (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) and angst-y direction from Marc Webb ("500 Days of Summer"), "The Amazing Spider-Man" should play very well with young women throughout the summer. As Daily Telegraph critic Robbie Collin noted, "'The Amazing Spider-Man' is Hollywood's first superhero franchise aimed primarily at teenage girls. It's 'Twilight' in spandex, and that's sincerely meant as a compliment."

U.S critics are still under an embargo, but Sony has pushed it up to next week -- perhaps as a sign of confidence in "The Amazing Spider-Man," or a way to somewhat control the overseas onslaught of reviews. Not that "Spider-Man" has been raked over the coals. The film has an 83 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with six reviews counted.

For more on "The Amazing Spider-Man" and where it will fit within Spidey's box-office history, head over to THR.com.

[via THR]

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