Amazing Sports Predictions for 2016

Many people make a career predicting what will happen in sports. Sage users have predicted bold upsets, Super Bowl winners, MVPs and more for 2016. Agree or disagree, we're in for another great year in sports!

Cam Newton will win #NFL #MVP this year! #CamNewton:


Vardy and Mahrez will still be at #LCFC next season:

Chrysano Jun

Brazil will be in the final bracket for Men's #Soccer at the 2016 Summer #Olympics. #Rio2016:

Marcellus Long

Anthony Davis will be #NBA MVP #pelicans:

Logan Bailey

Djokovic will finish 2016 as the player with the 4th most Grand Slam event titles at 13. #atpTennis:

Logan Bailey

Kentucky - easily the SEC Tourney champion #ncaab:

Felix T.

Sharks will have a bounce back season and make the playoffs #nhl #sharks:

Logan Bailey

Chelsea won't finish in the Top 6
#EPL #Chelsea:

FPL Devil

Kansas will be victorious in the Big 12 championship #ncaab:

Felix T.

Emmanuel Mudiay will win 2015-16 #NBA Rookie Of The Year. #nuggets:

Logan Bailey

Patrick Willis will come out of retirement and dawn the red & gold in the 2016-17 season. #niners #NFL:

Logan Bailey

Habs will win the President's Trophy but fail to win Lord Stanley's Cup.:

Logan Bailey