Amazing Super Bowl Facts For A Country Setting The Bar Low Lately

Setting the bar high is for poor people!

If our presidential election has taught us anything about America, it’s that we love setting the bar low.  And while some might be fascinated by Super Bowl facts and statistics that are genuinely unique or incredible, America’s not really into that. We like things simple. Not so much down-to-earth simple, more like six-feet-under simple. 

Here are some insane facts about the nation’s most beloved game in the new low-bar era.

- If you lay every yard on the field end to end, not including the end zones, it comes to EXACTLY 100!

- The game is played Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern US time, when half of the world is sleeping!

- When the first Super Bowl happened in 1967, there were still three whole years left in the 1960s!

- The number of quarters in a single Super Bowl game is equal to amount of quarters in a single dollar!

- No team has ever won the Super Bowl twice in one year! 

- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has the exact same number of letters in his first name as he does in his last name: four!

- Grass is what gives the average football field its green color!

- For the last 50 Super Bowls, of all the teams playing in the game, the team that scores the most points is the team that ends up winning ― an impressive streak!

- NRG Stadium in Houston where the Super Bowl LI takes place has a seating capacity of 72,220. That’s potentially 72,220 noses, 72,220 hearts, and 72,200 mouths!

 - Lady Gaga, headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show, was born in 1986 in Manhattan. So she’s traveled over 30 years to be in the Super Bowl halftime show in Houston!

- The halftime show splits the game PRECISELY in half!

- When the game is over, NFL teams don’t play football for months!