32 Amazing Things About Having A Sister

32 Amazing Things About Having A Sister

Sisters can make the best friends or the best foes (depending on the day and the fight). Whether you're hanging out or freaking out, having a sister to do it with makes it all the more fun.

To celebrate National Sibling Day, I'd like to honor my best friend and the love of my life -- my sister, Casey. Anyone who has a sister knows that life dealt you a pretty good hand when she gave you a built-in partner in crime.

So, for my sister -- and every other sister -- this is for you. Here are 32 reasons it's so wonderful to have a sister in your life:

1. She knows when you're bullshitting.

2. When you can't decide what to wear in the morning, you can send her pictures of each outfit and she'll decide for you.

3. You know that ridiculously embarrassing story you can tell no one, and I mean NO ONE? You can tell her.

4. You have an automatic drinking buddy. (If you're both over 21, of course.)

5. She knows everything you've ever been through -- the good, the bad and the ugly. And she'll never judge you for it.

6. You don't have to start WWIII with your friends over who will be your Maid of Honor (if or when you get married). Your sister's had dibs on that spot since day one.

7. She was right by your side wearing every hideous matching outfit your parents forced on you as kids.

8. She's seen you at your weirdest.

9. She can share the struggle that is having a complicated last name. (My last name is Vagianos -- it ain't easy.)

10. She always tells you when you look like sh*t. And, of course, when you look beautiful.

11. When you're in trouble she's the first one you call. And she comes running.

12. She gives the absolute best hugs.

13. She won't judge you based on the "Recommended For You" movies that your viewing habits pull up on your shared Netflix account.

14. Whether it's questions about your relationships, 401K or credit card bills, you always have someone to give you life advice.

15. She's the perfect person to vet your significant others.

16. She's the Thelma to your Louise, Romi to your Michelle, Gayle to your Oprah, Monica to your Rachel, Cher to your Dionne, and so on and so forth.

17. You never have to explain your crazy family to her -- she's lived it.

18. She's the only person you can have a huge fight with and never even doubt for a second whether she'll still be there at the end of the day.

19. You have someone to grow old and senile with.

20. She might not always have the best solution when you're in a bind, but she's always there to offer one.

21. She'll always tell it to you straight.

22. Her closet is your closet. Enough said.

23. She's the one friend who you can be certain always truly has your best interests at heart.

24. Whether she's older or younger, she's one of the best role models you have.

25. She's always down when all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch movies.

26. She knows all your cringe-worthy secrets, like the fact that you had knock-knees as a kid.

27. Best. Inside. Jokes. Ever.

28. She's your soulmate through and through.

29. No one knows your true self like she does. And when you start to veer away from it, she's always there to steer you right back.

30. She's a constant source of love, encouragement and honesty.

31. You know she'll be a kick-ass aunt (if or when you choose to have children). And she'll show your kid how to do all the bad stuff -- but safely, obviously.

32. She's your ride or die. Whatever happens in your life, she'll always have your back.

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