Amazing Things

Alex, Patrick and Eddie Scott with their dog, Shammy. (from left)

I like amazing things. They inspire and motivate me every day. I try very hard to witness amazing things every day. Don't think it is possible? I do. Part of experiencing amazing things every day is noticing and seeing things in a different way. Here is a quick list of uncommon, amazing things I have experienced:

I once took our dogs out in the middle of the night and heard an owl hooting. The sound was so deep it felt like bass at a concert hitting my chest. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This owl's power and awesomeness were amazing.

I love dogs. We have dogs that love to retrieve. With one of these dogs, we could bounce a ball off the wall and she could instantly figure out where that ball was going to go, get to that place and catch it in her mouth. The difficulty in that never ceased to amaze me. The dog's ability to somehow do the "physics" and figure out where that ball was going to bounce and then catch it with her mouth was amazing.

One Christmas season, we asked our kids if they would rather get a new video game console or use the money to buy things for a family that lost everything in a house fire. Without hesitation, they answered to use the money for the other family. We were so proud of them. Our kids' generosity was amazing.

Once while visiting New York City, a man was asking for money on the corner. Rather than just asking for money though, he did a little two step dance and asked everyone that walked by on their way to work, "How ya doin?" It was almost a song and dance, "How ya doin?......How ya doin?......How ya doin? How ya doin? How ya doin?" Many people gave him money. This man's uniqueness and ingenuity were amazing.

One time while hiking, I saw a tree growing out of the side of a rock face wall. The tree had literally found just enough dirt to take root and thrive. This tree's persistence and adaptability were amazing.

Alex Scott and her cat, Herbert.

We had a cat that I thought was just a fluffy fur ball that ate once in a while and filled a litter box. One day a moth flew by and the cat jumped 3-4 feet in the air and knocked the moth out of the air with its paw. The grace, speed, accuracy and athleticism of the cat were amazing.

My son Eddie was entering a pageant of sorts. When I asked what his talent was going to be, he told me he was going to catch food in his mouth. I questioned whether he was making a joke of the event. He assured me he wasn't but I doubted him. On the day of the event he wowed the crowd and me with his ability. I never knew he had this talent. He caught grapes, Goldfish, a cupcake, a tangerine, bread and a Popsicle with his mouth. His talent and creativity were amazing.

What have you experienced lately that is amazing?