Amazing X-Ray Close-Up Pictures Of Deep Sea Fish (PHOTOS)

Amazing Close-Up X-Ray Photos Of Deep Sea Fish

The deep sea's real-life monsters are getting some extra close-up time in the spotlight in a traveling Smithsonian exhibit called "X-Ray Vision: Fish Inside Out," LiveScience reports.

According exhibit curator Lynne Parenti, the striking X-Ray images allow scientists to "study the skeleton of a fish without dissecting or in any other way altering the specimen."

The stunning photos are set to make their debut at the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Feb. 4, according to the Smithsonian Science website.

For more information on each of the species depicted, click over to the Smithsonian's list.

For a more artistic X-Ray look at ocean organisms, check out Bert Myers' photos capturing the "breathtaking stillness of nature."


Deep Sea Animal Xrays

Deep Sea Animal Xrays

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