Amazon Amanda Gets Paid To Squash Men (NSFW)

Sometimes, your job is a soul-crushing slog that drains the life out of your cold, hardened body. So what better way to warm those bones than paying to have your body crushed?

Amazon Amanda makes her living doing just that.

The 6-foot-3, 280-pound fetish model gets paid by dudes who want to be squashed, crushed, wrestled or even just be seen with a big woman.

Amanda, 38, says she's different than other fetish workers because there's no sex involved.

"Although some of my clients get aroused during the sessions, Iʼm never naked," she says. "As far as fetish work goes Iʼm considered a prude."

A prude, maybe, if you count covering your clients in plastic wrap and smothering them with your 63-inch hips and 44DD breasts. Her Twitter feed has plenty of that:

She's been around for a while -- she made a cameo on Tosh.0 in 2010, video below -- but she's making the rounds online again presumably because content provider Barcroft Media wanted to sell a photo of her. It worked. She's been written up this week in Metro, The Mirror, the Scottish Daily Record, and our U.K. site.

One of her biggest fans, 5-foot-3 Sergio Miranda of New Jersey, says he's "always had a fascination with big women."

"For me theyʼre more true to being a woman than the skinny models you see," he says. "Being seen out on the street with an amazon model feeds my ego. I prefer to see my preference for big women as a lifestyle rather than a fetish."

Anyway, gawk at this video:



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